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Looking to host a private event? We have the perfect location right in the middle of Edinburgh's Old Town in an amazing historic building!

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  • Local craft tasting sessions
  • Unique setting
  • Catering, coffee, tea
  • Private entrance
  • Central location in Edinburgh
  • Proffesional staff
  • High speed WiFI
  • Versatile space

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The selection of whisky was varied and delicious, the venue was fascinating and charming. Our host was Mark and he definitely gave his all in the stories behind the whisky. He shared with us that the owner was the curator of the selection and we admired the care that went into the choices. Being in the Lost Close was an added bonus. Our group of tourists bonded very well and quickly. Highly recommend this tour especially for those willing to try new things.


James was the perfect host; we thoroughly enjoyed the high end tasting. James has a vibrant personality, he is friendly, welcoming and quite humorous. He is knowledgeable about Scotch whisky and the Lost Close was an interesting setting for the event. If you already love whisky or you are new to it, I highly recommend joining James in The Lost Close.


I signed up for the high-end whisky tasting. I was able to taste five unique and rare whiskies, with some customization based on my personal tastes. James provided a wealth of information about the world of Scotch whisky. The location (the Lost Close) was a unique and fascinating story in its own right. I would gladly return for another round of beer or whisky tasting. James is an excellent, entertaining guide to whisky and Edinburgh!


This experience was such a highlight of my brief trip to Edinburgh! I'd been to a fair share of beer tastings before, but this was x100 unique: the location, the atmosphere, the massive ton of information you get - not only about the beer, but also about the city history, as the host James is extremely knowledgeable (and SO funny, I would have come back just for the entertainment alone). Loved the vibes and the local Scottish beers we tried (quite impressive actually, grabbed a few in a shop the next day to take back home). 11/10 recommend. Slàinte!


I've lived in Edinburgh for years but as a coffee enthusiast, when I saw Lost Close were doing coffee tours, I couldn't resist. I learned new things about the city, including those little curious stories that give history colour. James is an excellent guide and storyteller, highly recommend! Great for people who enjoy coffee and for those who want a new angle to the city's history.


Wonderful experience and honestly learned a lot more than I expected about the different types of beers that I've already been drinking. Nicky was very knowledgeable and personable, great host. The atmosphere was incredible and kinda spooky which I loved. I have no gluten issues but thought it was amazing that the brewey we sampled, Bellefield, had all gluten free beers. Great educational and delicious experience for the price.

Small Groups

Perfect to socialize and make new friends!


Learn a bit more about Historical Edinburgh!

Experienced hosts

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The Place

Right in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, just off The Royal Mile

Why do we love it?

It’s a piece of history that few of us can ever see unless we make the journey below ground and its atmosphere is altogether different from the building above it.

What do we want people to use it for?

We want it be a place of social gathering as it was in the hundreds of years before. Many of the city’s most learned people congregated in Parliament Close, many of whom drank coffee at John’s Coffee House below.

How will we use it?

Magicians, storytelling, inspiring speakers, craft drinks tastings and more….

The Story of The Lost Close

The Great Edinburgh fire of 1824 destroyed Parliament Close and everything below it.


On top they built the magnificent Georgian building that stands today, formally a Police Court with jails for the locals of Edinburgh who had “misbehaved”…

In fact, in the attic of our building we have one of the first water pumps ever built to protect against future fires. A statue of James Braidwood, the founding father of the world’s first fire department stands proudly outside our building.

However, what was left underground is still a mystery and only by looking at maps pre-1824 can we truly understand what was there before and after….





In the old maps we can see Closes, living quarters, taverns and even the Royal Bank.

Steil’s Close regularly features in the maps pre-1824 and disappears thereafter. This is the same with Royal Bank Close and Hangman’s Close. They all led into Old Fishmarket Close which still stands today.

We can’t say for definite which Close we have but we can say it is a Close…why?

It has gradual steps down on foundation stone and leads to a clear arch for those to walk through towards Old Fishmarket Close.

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